About 3 Week Nails

3 Week Nails is the original, one and only UV Gel Polish.

It cures in 30 seconds with a LED lamp and 2 minutes with a 36W UV Lamp. The System begins with 3 Week Nails Base Coat, it dries in just 2 minutes followed by 3 Week Nails Colour Coat. You have a choice of over 100 colours. You dry for a further 2 minutes. Repeat this step if necessary. Finally finish with 3 Week Nails Top Coat drying for 2 minutes. Our top coats contain built in cleanser so there is no need to use cleanserYou will have Salon Perfect Nails for over 3 weeks with high gloss shine and non chip. You can easily remove without any damage to your nails by simply soaking in our remover for 7 minutes and gently sliding off with the steel cuticle pusher. This is all provided in our Starter kit available online.